2014 Milwaukee Match Day Let's You Double Your Donation To Local Agencies

Since 2012, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation has organized and sponsored Match Day, a day to raise awareness and support for local organizations that serve Milwaukee. Today is the day for 2014, a day when you have a rare opportunity to strengthen the capacity of 20 food and shelter agencies in southeastern Wisconsin that are working hard to meet the increased demand from individuals and families. Each gift made online today will be matched and that generosity will be multiplied to benefit the participating agencies

Over the past two years, more than 8,000 individuals in our community rallied behind these organizations and more than $4.6 million was raised to strengthen their capacity to serve. Your support makes a meaningful difference in the lives of thousands in our community.

Individuals can donate to any of the 20 participating agencies, all of which are reputable and worthy ones selected by Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and their gift will be amplified, thanks to a match pool of $750,000 made by Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the Brewers Community Foundation, The Ceres Foundation, and many others. Gifts will be matched proportionately, based on the total amount raised today by each organization.

Donors are also eligible to maximize their gift through the Golden Ticket promotion, courtesy of the Brewers Community Foundation. Thanks to the Brewers Community Foundation, eight donors will be selected throughout the day and an extra $1,000 will be added to their gift to a Match Day agency. Drawings will be held during the following times: 7-8 a.m., 8-9 a.m., 10-11 a.m., 12- 1 p.m., 4-5 p.m., 5-6 p.m., 7-8 p.m. and 10-11 p.m.

Please consider joining in, this is the perfect time to step up and make a donation that supports the Greater Milwaukee area since your contribution will be doubled. So head on over to the list of the 20 participating agencies and support one or more today.


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