Great Play: Buy A Futbol For Yourself And Give One

Buy a One World Futbol and they will donate one
We are big fans of the Buy On Give One model where a company donates a product to those in need for each one bought from them Unfortunate like many socially conscious products, finding man-friendly ones can be tough. I just heard of one that not only fits that bill, but is timely as well. You have o be living under a rock to not know that the FIFA World Cup is going on right now, even for us Americans to whom it is not considered one of the big sports. Not only that, the Milwaukee County Parks recently added a new soccer-related activity via 2 FootGolf courses, as port that combines golf with soccer. Info on our local courses is here. If you are feeling the excitement and want to get out and try your hand, at soccer or FootGolf, you will need one thing really: the ball.

If you buy a soccer ball, or a futbol as the rest of the world calls it, why not get it from the One World Futbol Project who will in turn donate one to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide? You can also just purchase balls to donate directly to their network of organizations.

The One World Futbol is a unique ball, designed to handle being used in any envorinment from pristine soccer fields (and golf courses) to rocky fields to urban settings, plus it never needs a pump and never goes flat - even when punctured multiple times. That is not only great for you, but even better for the child that will receive their free one due to your purchase. That also means it will outlast other balls which means less environmental impact from discarded balls. You can even use it for a volleyball.

Exercise is important for everyone, and developing a routine of play and exercise among children is especially important. Beyond general exercise play activities like organized sports also teach children socialization, teamwork, and even leadership and the gift of a futbol to them can instill lifelong skills.

If you are looking to buy a futbol, a soccer ball, in the near future we ask that you consider a One World Futbol. Even if you don't want or need a ball, you can still donate one (or more) here as well.


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