Sample Some Of Milwaukee's Best During Downtown Dining Week

Is there a well-known Milwaukee restaurant you haven't made it to yet? Maybe you think its too expensive, you work downtown and think will take too long for lunch, or just simply haven't fit it into your schedule yet. Every year Milwaukee has an event that can help you solve those problems with incentives to get out and enjoy the great restaurants our city has to offer - Downtown Dining Week. Every day during the week, from June 5 to 12, you can enjoy three-course meals at $12.50 for lunch and $25 or $35 for dinner depending on the restaurant. To make the experience even sweeter, complete a Downtown Dining Week survey online and four lucky diners will be drawn randomly and awarded $500 in dining gift cards.

It starts on a Thursday, it's actually 8 days, and it stretches the definition of 'downtown' with some restaurants on the outskirts of nearby neighborhoods like the Third Ward (depending if you count them as 'downtown' or not) but is is a 'week' not to miss. The restaurants also make it easy for the lunch going crowd or people new to the restaurant by crafting a special menu just for the weekly event - pick a starter, entrée and dessert from a list of preselected favorites - all at the special pricing for the event.

Make sure you take advantage and get out to at least one restaurant for lunch or dinner.


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