Great Play: BelAir Taco Supports Tosa Skate Park

I recently noticed a new addition to the menu of the BelAir Cantina Wauwatosa location: a taco called the TSU360. Funny name for a taco, until I read the description. The TSU stands for Tosa Skateboarders United, a local organization raising funds for the new Hart Park skate park to whom BelAir is giving proceeds of orders of the taco.
TSU, as I have written about before, is a group of citizens working with Wauwatosa to develop a dedicated, safe spot for skateboarders to practice their sport. Of course these projects need funds and TSU is working on raising funds to add to those allocated by the city for this new development.

BelAir has created an easy, tasty way to support the project. Simply order a TSU360 taco and all proceeds go to the organization.

The taco is mesquite marinated beef with grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, chimichurri sauce, crema, fresh habanero, agave nectar and queso fresco for $4.32. I ordered one myself and its now one of my favorite items on the menu.

So if you want to support kids getting out and getting exercise, and providing a safe place for them to do so, head on over to BelAir and order a TSU360, or 2, or better yet - order 3 and get a plate with beans and rice for free.


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