MKE Bike Advocate Keith Holt Wins National Award

Naomi Doerner from the
Alliance for Biking and Walking
presents Keith with the award for
National Advocate of the Year.
If you have been to any recent bicycling events in Milwaukee, you have probably seen Keith Holt there. As one of the city's greatest advocates for bicycling in all its forms he is out and about and is hard to miss. But at one important event, Keith was not to be seen, and his presence was missed, though not unappreciated. Though he didn't even know he was nominated, and thus missed the event, Keith, the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s Southeast Region Director, beat out 13 competitors to win the Alliance for Biking & Walking's Advocate of the Year award at a ceremony in DC during the 2015 National Bike Summit.

“The staff at the Wisconsin Bike Fed could not be more proud of Keith Holt and the decade of leadership he has provided working to improve bicycling equity”  according to Dave Schlabowske, Bike Fed Deputy Director in Milwaukee.

I met Keith through volunteering for Milwaukee county parks in various capacities and very quickly became inspired by his devotion to promoting bicycling in Milwaukee and now call him a friend. His passion covers bicycling in all forms especially as a means of transportation and exercise. Especially in communities of color here, and previously in Chicago before he moved here, Keith has seen bicycling as a means to improve lifestyle through better health and employment made available by using bicycles for transportation.

He is well deserving of this award and we congratulate Keith on his award and dub him a Greater Milwaukee Man.

You can read more about Keith and his activities in the Bike Fed's story on Keith's award here.


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