Be ReSpectacle - Donate Old Glasses At Colectivo

No, that's not a typo, we did mean to say re-spectacle as in recycle your spectacles or eyeglasses. During the month of May all Colectivo Coffee cafes are accepting donations of used eyeglasses. They will then take the glasses – uncluding reading, distance vision glasses, and even cases and provide them  to homeless individuals along with free eye screenings to match them up with the correct prescription.

This project is run by medical students at the Medical College of Wisconsin through the Homeless Outreach and Medical Education (HOME) Project and Urban and Community Health Scholarly Pathway.

We love recycling, but especially when the practice adds in an extra charitable aspect like giving the items to those in need. Other similar practices include reusing your slightly used suits for jobless (such as returning veterans) to use on interviews or even donating a vehicle to various organizations for them to fundraise with.

This one is easy and a no-brainer. If you are like me you are keeping an old pair around 'just-in-case', but have you ever had to go to the back-up pair? Probably not, so just walk on over to you closest Colectivo and drop them off so someone else can use them.


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