Cafe Lulu Undie 500 To Support Local Men's Shelter

You can give someone who needs it sparkling clean underwear
just like Lulu's logo.
When cleaning out our closets, many of us remember that shelters, for men and women, need clothes for their care recipients. These usually consist of pants, shirts, jackets, etc. But some items of clothing just aren't really viable to pass along. Socks are one - I mean who wants to wear socks someone else did? Nesides that they wear our faster than more prominent items of clothing. But there's another item that is taboo - gross even - to consider to reuse: underwear. But of course the residents need these as well, often times moreso than a 'new' pair of pants or a shirt.

Cafe Lulu’s Monday night bartender, Chad, works at a local men’s shelter, and he wants to help solve this problem. to this end he will be collecting underwear all night and donating his tips to help this cause with an event Monday August 8 from 5pm to 10pm.

To support the Undie 500, bring a package of underwear (all sizes and styles are welcome, and of course these should be new, unused underwear). Then stay and have a drink. Tell your friends!

More info here.


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