Brass Rooster Upcycles Military Blankets Into Caps Benefiting Veterans

Brass Rooster Caps photo courtesy of Brass Rooster
Brass Rooster, a local Milwaukee hat store and hat maker whose work we have celebrated before, has come out with new products that have socially responsible aspects to them. They are both recycled products and charitable items.

The new Brass Rooster Caps include big apples, 8/4, ivy & drivers Caps using vintage patterns and all the caps are made from Military blankets. Hand quilted lining, blankets from WWII-current. Brass Rooster will donate 10% to different Veterans foundations.

Per The Brass Rooster: "Some of them are donations, which we make whomever donates it a hat from their blanket and then can use the rest to make more. Some of the special edition caps, we have purchased blankets from WWII and some hospital blankets and mechanic blankets for different color options. We are always accepting blanket donations to help further our donations and mission." How cool is that? Donate a blanket and you get a hat of your own, plus it makes more for them to sell.

This is a great pairing of product to cause, using the military blankets - which though still often used are maybe better used in this manner - to make new hats that look vintage to benefit those in the military.

By shopping at Brass Rooster you are supporting a locally owned, American made, entrepreneurial endeavor right here in Milwaukee, with these caps you can add support to veterans as well.

Buy the caps in store, or you can call the shop to order them. I plan on picking one up as soon as I can make it over there to check them out in person.


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