Dear Mr. President: That's Not How This Works.

One of these guys needs to drop that line any time now
"That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works..."  It's the punchline of a recent and very funny commercial, but with the POTUS coming to our city this week, it's also a line that could and should be used on 45.

I'll be honest, you can probably guess I have major issues with the policies themselves, but this isn't even about that. I'll let others discuss those on public forums. This isn't so much as what but how. And just as expected, based on his temperament on the election trail and in his business dealings and public persona beforehand, he is not effectively leading our country. Sad.

I know there are many out there that thought, hoped, that 45's tremendous business "acumen" would be a refreshing new take on the philosophy and politics of the presidency. I get that, when the recession hit many haven't recovered and think a new vision was needed, but if you actually paid attention you would have seen that it was mostly smoke and mirrors. We all have heard of his failed business (Trump U, Trump Steaks and more but none as epic as Atlantic City), and if you search you can easily find the truth about his business dealings, here's one of the best I've seen. Again people may have been blinded by his public successes namely his hotels and TV work, but those don't make up for his failings. If you, anyone, had the capital to invest in the hotels in the places he put them (like within 2 blocks of Central Park), just the real estate alone would work out for you and the hotel business is a natural. That's doesn't make him successful or good at it, it just makes him rich and able to do it. His experience boils down mostly to investing, bailing, declaring bankruptcy, then getting bailed out, with a few shinies in his portfolio.

Let's say he was/is a good businessman, he's still not a good leader, and it's showing. A good leader picks good people around him and then listens to them. 45 promised to drain the swamp, but he filled it in. His picks for cabinet positions are all special interest big business people with no relative experience or knowledge for their position. And they all obviously signed on with the understanding they would have no say in what he would say or do. 45 is his own man, which can be good, but in this case is bad. He also had no idea what it means to be president, and I'm not even saying the abstract meaning of it, but what it takes and how to do it. He is bringing his (lack of) business skills to the oval office, thinking he can basically write a memo and release it and everyone below will just follow it. No meetings to develop the new process or procedure, no input from your advisers, no sens of if it can be legally done. The immigration order is a prime example. Again whether you agree with the policy, I would hope it would be hard to find anyone who thinks that the process of it was proper, or done anywhere close to well-planned. Even prominent 'fellow' Republicans (Because Trump's not really a Republican is he? He was a Dem, even a backer of the Clintons not too long ago and just ran the ticket he thought he could win in with a populist message and bluster) such as McCain and even Cheney, who would normally toe the party line, have voiced issues with how it went down. And we have seen the chaos of its presentation, then implementation, then walk backs on implementation, all because he simply failed to have others review it who could have helped form it into a useful order. A good leader will communicate with their subordinates, work with them to develop policy that all agree upon rolling out, that all know what, why, and how they are implementing it. At least give them advanced warning to be prepared if they don't have a voice in it. But he's The Donald and he's used to just making decisions and putting out memos on his own and having them followed, even if later it will all fall apart because it wasn't properly 'vetted' as they say.

I could go on, about things like arguing over "alternative facts", shutting down your departments' ability to continue communicating with their customers, and making the media out to be the "opposing party". These activities by him and his administration and what sociopolitical style they highly resemble, But again that's for others to discuss. I'm trying to keep it to what GMM is about, trying to be a great man, something 45 just does not have in his makeup. I wish he did, he's our president, the "leader of the free world" as they say, I wish he would act like one.

I wish there was someone in
45's circle that did.
So anytime now, soon, I wish someone would drop in the oval office and use those words on 45. It could be a Republican like McCain, or even Cheney who has voiced his displeasure (I doubt my fellow Wisconsinites Ryan or Priebus would do it). It could be a financial backer like the Koch brothers. Barack Obama would be an obvious choice having just done the job (for that matter one of the Bushes could). But I think the perfect man for the job is Uncle Joe, Joe Biden. He could pull off the man-to-man bro delivery of such a simple message to 45 and maybe at least get him to do things the right way, even if not the right thing.

As another current saying goes, right now "I can't even."


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