A Gentleman Is A Polished Man

Australia is definitely not lacking for culture that inspires me from music (a large number of '80's alternative bands) to film & TV (Mad Max, countless TV shows) to philanthropic endeavors (Movember, Distinguished Gentleman's Ride), and I just found out about another great thing to come from Down Under.

The Polished Man program seeks to raise awareness and funds to fight physical and sexual violence against children by having men paint one fingernail. Much as other awareness campaigns like Movember, or carious colored ribbons or bracelets, the goal is that the notice will be taken of sight and when asked about it the wearer can strike up conversation about the issue.
As Polished Man states, 1 in 5 children fall victim to violence before they turn 18 and 90% of all abuse is perpetrated by men, so we are the perfect ones to speak up and against it. Plus, a painted nail on a man isn't exactly a regular occurrence (unless you were me in the '80's to '90's with all black nails) so it stands out and starts the conversation. There is a story behind why exactly nail polish was chosen, I encourage you to read it here,

I love the word play in the name, 'polished' not only means the nail paint, but also means refined and cultured - things a true gentleman should be.

Though started in Australia, like other programs before it, it has gone global and there is a U.S. recipient of funds, The New York Center for Children, so you can help raise funds and know some of it comes here. But even if it didn't this is a global issue and we need to support the fight against it everywhere. So sign up at Polish Man for a fundraising campaign and start raising funds.

In the near future I plan on organizing a Man-i-cure day for men to get together and get our nails done, but you don't need to wait, paint one today and start raising awareness.


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