Breweries Unite For Camp Fire Aid

In the beer world, especially among 'craft beer' enthusiasts, Sierra Nevada brewery is iconic, mostly for its IPAs, so it shouldn't be a surprise that their peers would jump a the chance to support them, but what happened this week is shocking - in the best way possible.

Sierra Nevada, which makes its home in Chico, CA where the Camp Fire has just finally been put out, but not after devastating the area. SN had already been supporting its neighbors with a relief fund but then they upped the ante: they created a new IPA style beer that they would donate all proceeds, then they invited their brewing friends to join in. And the results are astounding. As of Tuesday 11/27 over 1,000 breweries had agreed to brew the same beer and sell in the same manner - with all proceeds going to the relief of Camp Fire victims.

In the business world, the brewing industry, especially smaller, local companies, I believe must be some of the most generous. On a continual basis you can find some local brewery supporting a cause, and this time they have really hopped onto a worthy cause - pun intended.

Resilience Butte County Proud IPA is expected to raise more than $1 million through sales of the beer. Nearly every well-known craft beer brand will brew and carry it and hundreds of local breweries. There is one small catch: they have to brew it. So you have to wait. Around the first of the year you should be able to find it and partake of its assured goodness while supporting a great and much needed cause.

If you want to help immediately, you can donate directly to the relief fund here.

Milwaukee of course is in on the action, you can see all the breweries on the Sierra Nevada Resilience page, but here are some local ones I was able to find among the 1,000+:

  • Badger State Brewing
  • The Explorium
  • Good City Brewing
  • Green Bay Brewing Society
  • Milwaukee Brewing Company
  • Third Space Brewing
  • Water Street Brewery


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