Support A Bay View Skate Park At Restaurants 6/21

Participating businesses will make a contribution to the Bay View Wheel Park proposed skate park when you visit them on Friday, June 21.

Finding ways for kids to be able to get exercise is ever more important. Skateboarding is a very accessible activity that doesn't cost a lot to get into, and its a very social activity as well. Since kids can do it whenever they want, not needing two teams or multiple people, they can just pick up and go do it. Plus it's 'cool'. About the only thing needed other than a board (and hopefully a helmet and pads) is a place to do it. I am a big proponent of giving people official places to do their thing, so that its setup for their best safety and they aren't infringing on other areas causing disruption.

The Milwaukee are has seen good response lately to new skate parks with ones in Wauwatosa, West Allis, Estabrook Park, and more. Now Bay View is getting in on the action after having been working on it since 2010. Bay View Compass has more information on the history and the current plan to create one in Sijan Park.

Check out these establishments and let them know you're there for the WHEEL PARK!

Burnhearts | Cafe Lulu | Sugar Maple | Cafe Corazon
Fuel Cafe | Comet Cafe | Hi Hat/Garage | BelAir | Balzac | Finks


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