Continuing Social Graces During Distancing

Spread Kindness, not the virus.
It's a different time right now, there's no understating that, but when times are tough its as important - more important - to maintain our social graces, our etiquette.

I'm not going to get into how physically distance, what to do to slow the spread. There are enough resources on that. Just this one comment: trust science. Look for resources by medical, health, and scientific professionals, experts.

But let's all work together to try to spread kindness, not the virus. Being nice, being good to people is more important than ever.

After being partially distanced for a while and now in the first week of at least a 30 day isolation, here are some observations/suggestions on how to be Great during a time that isn't so great.

  • Be patient. Things are going to take longer, take a breath and be patient. If you head to a store for supplies, please expect a longer experience. Be patient in aisles and give people space to get around. You might have to wait a minute - or a few - for the person in front of you to make their selection, but you will likely be in their shoes as well. (I wish stores would instigate one-way policies for each aisle so you don't have 2-3 lanes of people passing each other)
  • Support Local. Big businesses will survive, either they are "too big to fail" or will be bailed out. Some may suffer, but not more than your local small businesses. If possible support them: order food from a local restaurant, shop at locally owned stores. Keep the money flowing to local owners and their employees.
  • Tip. While supporting local businesses where you would normally tip, like a restaurant, if you get carry out, please still tip. Tips are for service, and everyone still working so you can get food even if just driving up to get it is making a sacrifice and serving you even if its not for a period of time at a table inside.
  • Be Reasonable. Remember that everyone is dealing with this. Manage your expectations up front and then expect that even those may change depending on the situation. Also, be reasonable when shopping, stores will stay open so there is no need to hoard. (Do I have to bring up the TP thing?) OUr supplies are not low, there is no fear of running out from a supply chain aspect so please just shop as you normally would. Yes it is reasonable to keep a 1-2 week supply in case you have to fully self-quarantine, but there's no need to go crazy and shop for 2 months.
  • The Golden Rule. Rally in the end the best way to make a decision on an action involving another person is to imagine yourself in their shoes. If you were them how would you want to be treated?
In the end it comes down to this: be nice. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay inside. Don't risk spreading it and the quicker we shut it down the quicker we can get back to normal.


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