Why Saying All Lives Matter Is Ridiculous: An Analogy From A Motorcyclist

When someone says:
Watch for Motorcycles
You don't hear people correcting them:
Watch for ALL Vehicles!
Because most people understand that motorcyclists are just pointing out that they need a little more attention for their health and safety than people in cars.
That they both have equal rights to the road, but people in cars have had unequal effect on motorcyclists, roads and laws and other things are setup in favor of cars.
And sure, not all motorcyclists are responsible, but that doesn't mean they should all be treated with undo suspicion or presupposition that all motorcyclists will ride dangerously, or do something illegal (related to motorcycles or not).
There are a lot of good analogies out there, like Save the Whales, or Breast Cancer awareness vs. other cancers, but this one is in my wheelhouse.
Watch for Motorcycles. Doesn't mean we don't want you to also watch for drivers, or bicyclists, or pedestrians, or skateboarders, or anyone else on the road. But please, yes, watch for motorcycles on the road.

Black Lives Matter.
No caveat needed.


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