Men’s Health Concern #3: Accidents

Wow, there are a lot of Russian
safety posters for some reason -
 Google it.
The American Association of Accidents... OK who am I kidding. There is no group, organization, or what have you that I can quote or steal from on this one. Actually there is: the Safety Institute of America.

Men are known for having a Devil-may-care attitude about work, recreation, and general safety so today I am just going to list a bunch of things we should do but often don't:

  • Wear protection (a helmet, safety glasses. gloves, back brace).
  • Use a spotter.
  • Sharpen your blades.
  • Use the right tool.
  • Take it outside.
  • Slow down.
  • Come to a complete stop.
  • Pay attention.
  • Turn it off first.
  • Skip that last drink.
  • Better yet, call a cab.
That's all I got. Peace.


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