Milwaukee's Colectivo Among Epicurious 25 Best Coffee Shops

You know we like to tout #MKEPride here at GMM - it is as much about Milwaukee as men after all - and we feel the need to help us get over our inferiority complex. Milwaukee has been in many national best lists lately, and we keep a running tab here. Well, one of Milwaukee's great hoe,grown businesses just made another list. Colectivo Coffee Roasters and Cafes were named one of America's 25 Best Coffee Shops by Epicurious.

Epicruious calls Colectivo a 'vanguard of the U.S. coffee movement' and touts the community vibe enhanced by concerts by MSO, the Florentine Opera, and Música del Lago throughout the year.

So Viva Colectivo! and congratulations on achieving another accolade for Milwaukee culture.


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