Milwaukee Craft Brewing Among Best Again, Coffee Brewing That Is

Anodyne's new cafe in Walker's Point put them at
#12 of the 50 best in America
We all know Milwaukee has a long and storied history of brewing beer, many time having had the worlds top breweries though the years though which one changed over the years. A recent resurgence of craft or micro-breweries has put us back on the map of beer dominance. In addition to the tradition of brewing beer, Milwaukee has become a fairly recent addition to a similar movement in coffee - what could be considered the craft or micro roasting equivalent of coffee to similar breweries. In Milwaukee names like Anodyne, Colectivo, Stone Creek and Valentines hold a similar place in the coffee world to what Big Bay, Lakefront, Milwaukee and Sprecher have for beer. And just as our local beer brewers have received national recognition, so too are our coffee roasters and their cafes. The Daily Meal just released their America's 50 Best Coffee Shops list and 2 of Milwaukee's roasters/cafes were not only on the list but in their top 20. Colectivo Coffee, who were also recently named America's 25 Best Coffee Shops by Epicurious, come in at number 18 while Anodyne Coffee was recognized as number 12.

Some people may attach themselves to one cafe or another, considering one coffee better than the other, just as there are some people you don't even need to ask what beer to order for them. But with all the choices out there I like to sample them all, enjoying and celebrating the fact that we have a diverse array of choices for coffee and cafe style from roasting and flavor of the coffee beans to the atmosphere of the cafes. Just as each brewery has a sort of flavor profile using their choices of grains, hops, and yeast so too does each roaster develop their signature profile through the selection of beans and roasting style.

To me its a perfect match for Milwaukee to develop as many craft roasters as breweries and for us to enjoy what each of them can bring to the table. And just as it would be a shame to limit yourself to one beer, the same goes for coffee. So let's celebrate all the offerings Milwaukee has and support them all in their pursuit of excellence. after all competition only make them all strive to better.


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