Get Customers, Give Back

A few, too few, places around town use a very simple event type that kills two birds with one stone. It can bring in new customers and also gives to a charity. All they have to do is pick a charity and give a percentage of the proceeds for a time period to said charity. From the perspective of a man, I know many of us would rather go someplace and have a few drinks or some good food and give to a charity than the standard fare fundraiser such as walks.

Horny Goat Hideaway in Milwaukee every Sunday picks a charity and gives 10% of total pub sales from 11am to 5pm in their Goat Gives back program. On a day and time that can be slow for business if you are not a church or brunch-serving restaurant, they get the benefit of the charity promoting it to their followers. The hope is that first time customers will like their experience - and the fact that the bar helps charities - and come back. This Sunday, May 1, the beneficiary is Battle Against Dogfighting - a program of Friends of MADACC.

Pizzeria Piccola in Wauwatosa does something similar, at least 2 Sundays a month they allow a charity to do the service for customers and put out a tip jar to collect tips as donations.

Blue's Egg picks a charity that one dish from their menu gets a portion of the proceeds.

This is such an easy way to give face time and funds to needy organizations and also get something in return as a business. Why don't more places do this? This is something I would like to help promote around town as a way to get men out and help organizations at the same time.


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