Holy Shite - No Really - Father Dom's Duck Doo Compost

What else do you call compost made by a priest for fundraising? OK, he calls it Father Dom's Duck Doo, but I'll give him a pass. After all Paul Newman gave him the name.

Besides, I have a soft spot for the man in question - Father Domenic Roscioli - as I have a personal connection to him. You see Father Dom (a Steve Carrel look-alike), adopted a very special dog from me and my wife. She was a very shy dog, one we spent a lot of time rehabbing, and we thought we would never find someone that could give her a safe and loving home as we gave her. Until Father Dom came to meet her. He was patient and loving and in an hour, yes he took an hour to meet her, Father Dom had finally won her over, and in so doing won me over.

Anyway, back to Roscioli and his work. A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article details his history. When I met him he only had his Duck Doo, made I have heard from Ocean Spray cranberry husks and Wauwatosa leaves among other things, and his God's Good Earth products and store. The products and store help people with special needs not only by raising money but by giving them good work to do. Since then he has expanded to his Holy Spirits LLC company that makes consumables such as the aptly named wine as well as coffee and pancake mix and it seems he has plans for even more products. These products are all available for organizations to sell through fundraisers. All of his products are named or come with a tag line that adds humor and makes them accessible to the average person, rather than carrying a holier than thou air, and are also just plain good.

I may have my own personal opinions about religion and religious leaders, but Father Dom is one of those men that are true  spiritual leaders: leading those in need, their community, and leading by example. He is someone all us men can look up to as a true gentleman - a man with a mission, and a sense of humor to boot.

Well-Met Father Dom.


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