Timberlake Makes Marine's Day

Justin Timberlake's praises are being sung for accepting the request of Corporal Kelsey DeSantis after she asked him for a date via a YouTube video. DeSantis herself was was inspired by another member of the military who scored a date with Mila Kunis, Timberlake’s Friends With Benefits co-star.

This is where I am even more impressed with JT, as he showed a large amount of Well-Trusted honor by following a twist on the Golden Rule in reverse: don't expect something from others you wound't do yourself. You see, it was Timberlake who encouraged Kunis to accept the invitation from Sgt. Scott Moore, so when the same opportunity presented itself to him, JT did the honorable thing and also accepted. How could he say no when he made Kunis accept a similar invitation? Well, some others might have found a valid, or less honorable, excuse to miss it - another scheduled appearance, already on a movie shoot, recording studio is booked, whatever. But JT stuck to his guns, did the honorable thing, and went to the ball.

Well-Met JT. It always seemed you were a good guy, and this proves it.


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