Teen Named Disney Memory Maker For Taking Girl With Down's To Prom

Marcus Crone, a high school student in Washington state, was honored on Good Morning America for taking a girl with Down (or Down's) Syndrome to the Rainier High School Prom. He was named a Disney Memory Maker for his actions. The girl, Chelsea McComb, had asked several boys herself but was rejected by all. Crone heard about it and amazingly decided to take her. He showed up at the girl's house with a large sign asking her to the prom. It was a magical, meaningful night for the girl but also for Marcus. As Chelsea's mother states: 'One kid made a difference in my daughter's life'.

Marcus Crone and Chelsea McComb ready for the prom
For this young man to take such a step in High School, where image and peer pressure is such a big deal, and be the one out of many to take Chelsea to the prom, is such a heart warming and inspiring story. Marcus showed courage and kindness beyond what many adult men display. I am sure Marcus is well on his way to growing into a Well-Met Man.

You can watch the entire story, as well as the other award winning inspiring stories, here:
GMA Disney Memory Makers


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