Today 3/14/13 Is Match Day

Today, Match 14, 3/14 or Pi Day, is the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's Match Day, when you can double down on your donation with matching donations by the foundation's donors including Brewers Community Foundation, Faye McBeath Foundation, United Way of Greater Milwaukee and many other local funders have pledged $750,000 toward the match pool for that day.

On Pi Day, which is named after it being 3.14 - the first 3 digits of Pi - when we celebrate Mathematics, I will be doing a little math myself.

As part of my exact¢hange project, I am donating the money I saved during January and February solely by rounding up all my purchases to a whole dollar to Match Day. So far in just two months I had saved $38.95.  I am going to round that up to $40. That in turn will be doubled to $80 by the Match Day participants.

$80 may not seem like that much, but it also took nearly nothing from me. If carried for a full year, if I start this March and go through next March for next year's Match Day, I could donate easily $250 dollars which would be doubled to $500 - now we are talking. And what did it cost me? Pocket change, literally.

I hope you can see how with little work and little impact financially you can still make a difference, and that is the Well-Met way.

So, who am I donating to you may ask? Well I could be coy about it and say its my business, but I will say. I chose thCenter for Veterans Issuesan organization that serves men and women of our armed forces who find themselves in need after returning to civilian life. I chose it because my brother is a veteran and I wish to support him and people like him. That is also the Well-Met way. Find something that you connect to personally and find a way to support it.

There are many organizations that need your help, likely at least one of them has a cause that you can get behind. If not you can just donate to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and they will disperse the funds equally. They are all deserving organizations that help Milwaukee. So today, please, open your wallets and make a donation, after all whatever you do will be doubled so you will feel doubly fulfilled.


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