Support Milwaukee Radio On Milwaukee Day 4.14 And Beyond

Today, 4/14, is celebrated as Milwaukee Day since the main telephone area code of the city is 414. There are many ways to celebrate, but a great way is to support RadioMilwaukee during their Spring Fund Drive.

88.9 FM RadioMilwaukee is the audible heart and soul of Milwaukee. Their focus on Milwaukee as a community is unique in music streaming radio services. First, in the music they play they try to be the 'Milwaukee' radio playing not only a diverse selection of music that all of Milwaukee can enjoy, but also dedictaed to supporting local artists playing at least one song an hour from Milwaukee musicians.

But they don't stop there. They also commit time each hour to tell a Community Story, informing listeners of neighborhood projects, non-profits they might not have heard of, and activities that are unique to Milwaukee and make it our city. Finally, they air the Milwaukee Public Schools meetings so people can hear what is going on in our schools.

Not everyone knows, but RadioMilwaukee is not a for profit radio station like most commercial radio. They are a 501(c)3 organization providing public media services to the greater Milwaukee area and around the world via the Internet. Guided by a board of directors, RadioMilwaukee is supported by members, donors, underwriters, community partners and volunteers. That means many good things like no commercials and a more open format for music, but it also means they need to raise money to keep going. Just as they support Milwaukee, they need Milwaukee to support them in turn.

Twice a year RadioMilwaukee does a fund drive to help raise the money to keep them on the air. As a Milwaukeean and a listener you have the opportunity to be a supporter. If you wish to support RadioMilwaukee on Milwaukee day, or for the next week, go here.

You can donate to RadioMilwaukee at any time, but during their fund drives you get an extra bonus - they throw in special packages from their goodies but also many times of the day their business supporters will throw in things like gift certificates or other benefits, so it behooves you to do it during their drives.


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