Double Dip Your Donation With TOMS Movember Specials

I almost don't even know how to begin in this one since it hits home on so many levels, but I'll try since its too awesome to pass up. By now you know its Movember, if not catch up, and you should also know a goal of GMM is to promote socially conscious products specifically for men and have covered TOMS before. But this month TOMS has outdone themselves by not only doing their One for One model but also donating money for every Movember product sold to the cause. That means for every pair of Movember shoes bought TOMS is donating twice - one pair of shoes to a needy child and money to Movember.

The TOMS model of One for One, also known as Buy One Give One, is a Great business model that other businesses have followed. The practice follows in the tradition of practices where purchases create opportunities for charity whether it be branded items for an organization or products from a for-profit business that donate money to a cause, though it has always been hard to find man-friendly versions. So it is inspiring to see someone making products that are not only man-friendly but also benefit men by way of the Movember men's health movement.

Whatever you think of the TOMS shoe styles, they are not the only Movember product. Just as TOMS also has sunglasses and their new Marketplace promoting other people's products - for Movember they have not only shoes but the Marketplace has Movember branded t-shirts, a trucker hat, and even appropriately a shave bag for your toiletries and grooming products which can be found here. Every one of these products gives money to the cause.

Whether you are a man or have a man in your life, these make great items to buy for yourself or others and the shoes specifically will do double duty with your dollars donating a pair of shoes and dollars to Movember.


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