Support Radio Milwaukee During Fall Fund Drive

This is some of the swag you get when you donate.
Wow, the days seem to go faster and faster. It seems only yesterday we talked about supporting RadioMilwaukee 6 months ago. Well, it's that time again. Twice a year 88.9 RadioMilwaukee holds a fund drive to stay on the air. As an independent, non-profit, listener supported radio station they need Milwaukeeans to give.

I know what you are thinking. Its just a radio station - why should I give? What makes it worthy of the support of a Greater Milwaukee Man? I am glad you asked.

There are three things that make up most radio - music and/or talk, and commercials. Let's cover them all but in a different order.

Let's start with commercials. There are none. As a public radio station there are no commercials, instead the radio station is supported in part by businesses that truly support the station and what they are and do and underwritng - the name the FCC has given to on-air announcements acknowledging public radio’s supporters from the business community. In underwriting the businesses get mentions on air but not full commercials that disrupt the flow.

Then there is the talk part. Talk can be anything from DJs (which some stations don't even have with an automatic stream of music) to news to talk-radio discussions on topics. On RadioMilwaukee you get some talk, there are DJs who care about Milwaukee, but more importantly there is the number one reason to support the station: their community stories, produced stories about the people and places that make Milwaukee a great place to live. Story topics include arts & culture, neighborhoods, economic development, healthy living, education & youth, environment, transportation, and technology. In so many ways it is like an on-air version of this site and others like us - groups and organizations that focus on what makes Milwaukee Great and how you can help make it even greater. Even if you don't listen to or like the music, you should appreciate what they do to promote other important organizations. As their recent new building program and current swag states they are 'Building a Better Milwaukee'.

Finally there is the music. But its just music right? How can it be 'great' music beyond whether you like it or not? Well, I am here to tell you that the choice of music can mean something. The artists, the lyrics, and more can have an effect. And I believe that RadioMilwaukee makes the right selections, on their own not mandated by a corporation, of music that is good for you. Their music is family friendly, yet adult oriented, you won't find demeaning lyrics and many are indeed inspiring. You will hear some classics mixed in with the many new artists that will open your eyes to music you may not have chosen before, and as they say it is 'Diverse Music for a DIverse City' with music appealing to many different people.

You may not believe it, but a radio station can make a difference, and RadioMilwaukee is trying just as we are here to make Milwaukee Greater. So whether you listen to them now or not, we recommend supporting them just for how they help other organizations with their community stories.

You can donate online here, or even better - listen to the station for times when they have matching challenges, where other supporters will double your donations for a certain time and/or for times when there is special swag above and beyond the basic stuff.


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